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The Hunger Games Takes Over Catawba

Sydney Smith, Writer

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You’ve probably seen them in the hands of many students around Catawba College — The Hunger Games, a trilogy by Suzanne Collins, is taking storm of the campus. The books, entitled The Hunger Games, Catching Fire, and Mockingjay, have become a fun read for numerous Catawba students.

Haven’t picked up the books yet? The trilogy outlines the life of protagonist Katniss Everdeen, a sixteen-year-old citizen in the futuristic nation of Panem. The nation holds an annual event, The Hunger Games, in which each of Panem’s twelve districts offers up a male and female “tribute” to fight to the death on live television. The gory display of young children in combat, designed to remind Panem’s citizens that the Capitol is always in control, grips Katniss in personal battles with justice, love, and self-fulfillment in Panem’s dystopian society, especially when she steps forward as a volunteer tribute to save her younger sister.

The Hunger Games film, released March 23rd, 2012, has been the talk of Catawba for the past couple weeks. Many students, although impressed with the film version, still prefer the books over Hollywood’s rendition. Catawba student and Hunger Games fan Morgan Soulantikas expresses her love for the series. “I like how real the characters are,” said Soulantikas. “Katniss is a relatable protagonist that you can really root for.”

If you need a break from the stress of the year’s end and upcoming exams, sit down and relax with The Hunger Games. And remember, as Panem’s Capitol likes to say…“may the odds be ever in your favor!”

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The Hunger Games Takes Over Catawba