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Cale Magee Finds Inspiration in Hard Times

Mark Covert, Writer

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Caleb Magee has a special talent.  He’s not a star athlete on a sports team at Catawba or even on a sports team for that matter.  Caleb is a singer, but not your ordinary singer who goes on YouTube and acts like a buffoon.  He sings out of inspiration, and as a result, he produces some pretty amazing stuff.

Caleb has always liked singing and loved music and even performed when he was little.  However, it never truly clicked until his senior year of high school, when he had been suffering through family issues and a friend of his had been diagnosed with cancer.  During this time, Magee grew close with the Lord and felt he could do something special, something to help ease the pain.  He took to his laptop and sang out of inspiration, out of heart.  His video “Tribute to Josh ( WeRMusic )” has nearly 11,000 views since being posted in January 2012.  “I thought I could do something special, something soothing to make a difference,” he explained.  “It is awesome to have people like my music, but it is more about me relating.”

Magee is currently working with a representative from Roland Professional Sound Recording Studios, where he is recording different songs and having them published.  He hopes to have his first album out before the end of the semester, hopefully in mid-to-late April if at all possible.  As for the type of music one can expect on it, he says he wants to appeal to everyone and their tastes.  There will be rap, acoustic, Christian music, along with other genres.  A website for his music and talents is currently under construction and he will post different singles that will not be on the album to his YouTube page throughout the recording process.

“Until you have something happen to you, you don’t totally understand it. When it does and realizes your talents, it’s basically right around the corner. You want to go get it and make the most of it,” said Magee. “Abilities that I have, I don’t want to waste anything.  I don’t want to look back and say ‘why didn’t I try harder?’  With God, all things are possible. No matter the situation, He is always there for you. I want respect.  I want people to see that someone like me, who they thought wouldn’t get anywhere, is proving himself.  I want them to say ‘wow he made it. He’s actually there.’”

You can check out an example of Caleb’s music below:

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Cale Magee Finds Inspiration in Hard Times