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Film Review: Admission

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Brandi Cockerham, Writer

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As current college students, we all can surely recall the application process…but the process is a lot different from the admission counselor’s point of view. The new film “Admission” is a witty comedy about the life of a Princeton University admission counselor and how one applicant could change her life forever.

SNL alumna and Mean Girls star, Tina Fey, stars as admissions counselor Portia Nathan, who after sixteen years of having the same position in the admissions office at Princeton, is finally up for promotion.  Everything is looking up until she receives a phone call from a former college classmate of hers, John Pressman, who is portrayed by Paul Rudd from Role Models and This is 40. Pressman calls to invite Portia to meet the first class of graduates from his alternative high school.  Only one of Pressman’s students is interested in attending Princeton, Jeremiah (Nat Wolff).  Portia has her doubts about Jeremiah being able to get into Princeton, but she comes to find something special in the boy and does her best to keep him from being denied, including risking her promotion.

This film offers a story unlike any movie that I have ever seen before. Paul Rudd does not disappoint, the chemistry between him and Fey is amazing, and the comedy that they produce is incredible. Some of the jokes in the movie are pretty subtle though, so you have to be paying attention.

After arriving in theaters this weekend, Admission has received a 44% on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.3/10 on IMDb. Although the ratings may not be near perfect, I feel that the film is still one worth seeing.

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Film Review: Admission