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Ivory Layne, Emma Stoneberg Wow at ADP Concert

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Ivory Lane with Catawba President, Brien Lewis

Hannah Davis, Writer

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Last Friday was a very exciting day on Catawba’s campus. It was the start of parent’s weekend, Wigwam hosted a juggler, and the Friday stress-free spirit was intoxicating everyone. One of the many fun events going on that night was the Artist Development Program (ADP) concert featuring guest up and coming artist Ivory Layne and Catawba student, Emma Stoneberg, a junior Popular Music major. Their lively spirits throughout the concert definitely matched everyone’s excitement for the weekend.

First to sing was the always-smiling Emma Stoneberg and her astounding band. She wrote all of the songs she sang, except for the Nirvana song “Heart Shaped Box.” After Stoneberg sang a few songs, there was a drawing for Ivory Layne’s new CD. Stoneberg and her band then got the chance to perform with the fantastic emerging artist Ivory Layne.

Ivory Layne is from Denver, North Carolina but is currently working in Nashville and hopes to move there soon. At only 18 years old, Layne is already on the path towards success. In all of her self-written songs, her spunky attitude shines through and captivates the audience.

Freshman Allison Davis likened Ivory Layne’s singing and personality to Katy Perry, whom I later discovered that Ivory Layne adores. Though Ivory Layne has a few “cheesy pops songs” very much like Katy Perry, Ivory’s soft, sometimes sad love songs carry much the same power, attitude, and entrancing piano riffs as an Adele song.

This was Ivory Layne’s first ever college gig. She was so welcomed and loved by the Catawba audience that she even came back for an encore, cheerfully inviting Emma Stoneberg and her band to come play one last song with her.

If you would like to hear a sample of Ivory Layne’s musical talent her EP, “Volume One,” is available on iTunes and

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Ivory Layne, Emma Stoneberg Wow at ADP Concert