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Catawba College’s For Colored Girls

Hannah Davis, Writer

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Recently there was a showing of “For Colored Girls who have Considered Suicide/when the rainbow is enuf “ in the Florence Busby Corriher Theatre. This show is a choreopoem about the struggles of womanhood. A choreopoem is a type of play that is based around movement and lyrical verse. It speaks of rape, domestic violence, and suicide. Although these are controversial topics, this play gives the victims hope that they can survive.

The choreopoem features four younger women, all dressed in different colors of the rainbow, telling their stories to each other. There is also an older sage figure, dressed in brown, listening to the narratives of each woman. The actresses tell these stories through carefully calculated movements and poetic eloquence.

This choreopoem was director by senior Musical Theatre major Ashley Jackson. The two freshmen in the show, Cheyenne Hicks and Tabitha Bass, truly greeted the challenge of their first show and did an outstanding job grabbing the spotlight for themselves. Bass said that doing the show was enlightening and the uniqueness of this being a heart wrenching choreopoem instead of a standard play “truly broadened [her] experiences as an actress.” Bass was even greeted after the show by a woman from New York who complimented her stunning performance, and who was suspected to be a possible playwright. Cheyenne Hick’s quick transitions between playing a male and female character was exceedingly magnificent and she portrayed both genders accurately in every motion. Melissa Tarduno entranced the audience with her astounding facial expressions and her silver-lining outlook on bad situations. Tynia Brandon’s wordy attacks made audience member’s shrink in their seat for fear of being her next victim, and Caitlin Billing’s “somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff” monologue was definitely a favorite of the night.

This success of a show can be neatly summed up by freshmen Lane Wagner’s description, “I feel like I just experienced a rainbow, like, wow.”

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Catawba College’s For Colored Girls