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The Outrageous Dance Project

Hannah Davis, Writer
March 4, 2014
Filed under Arts & Entertainment

The Catawba College Theatre department hosted the Outrageous Dance Project from February 27th through March 1st. The Dance Project consisted of collaborations of dances with two Catawba dance companies and another visiting company. The two Catawba companies were the Threnody Ensemble and the Catawba Reperatory Company, and the visiting company was Ballet Pensacola from Pensacola, Florida. The director of Ballet Pensacola, Richard Steinert, is a Catawba graduate of 1981 and was thrilled to be back at his alma mater to do a collaborative dance project. Ballet Pensacola is a nonprofit organization and school for ballet for anyone over the age of three who wishes to dance.

The performances for the show consisted of three dances by Ballet Pensacola, three dances from the Catawba companies, and two collaborative dances with both the Catawba companies and the Pensacola Company. The dances’ themes ranged from Greek mythology to contemporary love stories. The best solo of the night goes to Lauren Stacks and her stylistic interpretation of a civil war era love letter sent home from a soldier about to die in the Battle of Bullrun. Everyone in the production worked so hard that, if you did not know better, you would have a hard time of picking out the professional dancers from the Catawba crowd. Overall, the collaboration between students, professionals, and faculty was a huge success.


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