Introducing “The Corner”

Hello there fellow students. The name is DJ Hatrick. I’m very excited to bring you students the first official podcast broadcast program to hit the school in over 20 years! The name of podcast program will be known as “The Corner.” The podcast will contain a variety of programming; ranging from interviews to student performances, that is guaranteed to keep you sucked in down to very last moment. I, as your host, will strive for not only for quantity but, quality as well in bringing the finest in podcast entertainment. As the programming expands, come to expect various small programs within the this program to emerge. Each of these “sub-programs” will cater to the varying elements that makes up this wonderful institution. I look forward to beginning a new chapter in Catawba history, making everyone on campus part of it. Please take a look our Facebook Page at : If you see something that you like, please “Like” our page. Until next time students,  keep working hard and play even harder. Peace Out guys!!!

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