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Lessons & Carols

Kaetlyn McNabb
December 16, 2014

On Monday December 1st 2014, Catawba College held their annual Lessons & Carols. Monday night was not the only night the service was performed; it was also performed Tuesday December 2nd and Thursday December 4th. Each night, Catawba College’s chapel was filled with numerous people from all... Read more »

True West: A Review


Hannah Davis, Writer
October 1, 2013

“True West” tells the emotional tale of two very different brothers. Throughout the play the brothers learn the hard way how to see things from the each other’s perspective. The younger brother, Austin, played by freshman Zack Tellier, is a struggling author who’s trying to get one of... Read more »

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead: A Review


Rebecca Rider, Writer
February 25, 2013

The lights go down, and on a background screen two travelers can be seeing walking through a backstage area, engaged in a coin toss. The two cannot remember where they’ve come from, or where they are going—they can only remark on the probability of flipping heads eighty-six times in a row. So... Read more »

Introducing “The Final Cut” Podcast Program

February 7, 2013

Welcome back everyone! Your humble host DJ Hatrick (Tyler Peart)  has developed a new podcast program underneath “The Corner.” This new program is called “The Final Cut.” This podcast program will be solely dedicated to getting the exclusive scoop on upcoming productions here... Read more »

Charlotte’s Web Review


Kristi Leonard, Writer
October 29, 2012

Charlotte’s Web is a classic children’s novel by E.B. White. In this story, which starts with a little girl, Fern, and her pig, Wilbur. Wilbur eventually gets sent to Fern’s Uncle’s, Brandon Engelskirchen, farm to save him from being killed. However, Wilbur is afraid he could still... Read more »

Theatre Preview

Charlotte's Web

Ryan Kelly, Writer
September 4, 2012

This semester, the students and faculty of Catawba’s Theatre Department are working on another great lineup of shows for your entertainment, starting with The Life of Galileo. In a time where contradicting the church is one of the most dangerous things a man can do, Galileo publishes his findings with... Read more »

Halftime Excitement: Catawba Pride Marching Band Preview


Darby Reedy, Co-Editor
August 27, 2012

After last year’s popular debut, the Catawba Pride Marching Band is back and ready to impress. Beginning August 6th, band members spent a week drilling music and field movement in the hot North Carolina sun. Throughout the school year, they also practice every Monday and Thursday. All the time and... Read more »

Bright Lights, Bigger Spotlight: Rayshaun Curtis Sandlin

Rashad Brown, A&E Editor
May 6, 2012

Here at Catawba College, it is near impossible to not know of Rayshaun Curtis- Sandlin. Though only in his junior year; the 2012 Mr. Catawba has served on the Student Government Board, been highly active in the arts departments, and working his way to receive his BFA in theater performance. And, though... Read more »

Huck Finn: A Play with Music Review


Bianca Stokes, Writer
April 23, 2012

General Admission 201 is what the ticket stub said as I sat in Keppel Auditorium, waiting patiently for Huck Finn: A Play with Music to start. As the lights dimmed, Jim (played by Rayshaun Sandlin) appeared on stage, singing softly the traditional Negro Spiritual, “I Got to Cross that River Jordon.”... Read more »

Own the Mic: Allijah Motika

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Rashad Brown, A&E Editor
March 12, 2012

Eclectic could best be used to sum up singer/songwriter Allijah Motika. While only in his sophomore year of school at Catawba College, he has surely made a name for himself with his artistic talents. He has showcased these talents not only for the Popular Music/Music Business Department Vernacular ensembles,... Read more »