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Rail Upgrades Beneficial Despite Road Closings


Lucas Safrit , Writer
April 16, 2015

Recently travelers, such as Catawba commuters, may have noticed a slight change in traffic patterns around US Highway 29 between Salisbury and China Grove. Most of the work is centered closely around the railroad tracks which parallel the highway. The changes are a part of a program designed to improve... Read more »

Horizons Unlimited


Hannah Davis, Writer
April 13, 2015

Looking for cool activities to do on the weekends but don’t have a car on campus? No problem! Horizons Unlimited is a local environmental learning center which houses unique exhibits like a small aquarium and a thriving rainforest eco-system. The best part is that this educational center is only about... Read more »

From Where the Bell Tolls: Catawba’s Railroad Bell


Lucas Safrit, Writer
February 19, 2015

Have you ever wondered where the bell in the middle of Catawba’s campus came from? If you look closely, you will notice the words “Donated by Southern Railway” written on the front. Like most everything else, this bell has a story. A story about one community contributor assisting another.... Read more »

Top Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day


Lucas Safrit , Writer
February 19, 2015

Valentine’s Day is upon us once more. Whether at campus with your sweetheart, or visiting your other half at home, there are plenty of things that are available for couples to do on the 14th, especially since it falls on a Saturday. However, many couples may have difficulty choosing exactly what... Read more »

Salisbury Sings in the Season!

Kiersten Nichols, Writer/Photographer
December 9, 2014

On Friday, December 5th, Salisbury welcomed in the holiday season in downtown.  There were carolers out and about and many business were decorated both outside and in. The businesses also joined in on the holiday spirit by offering discounts and snacks to shoppers.

Visting Eastern Rowan County

Lucas Safrit, Writer
December 8, 2014

Beyond the hustle and bustle of downtown Salisbury and the constant noise from urban life is a place that bursts to the seams in relaxation. A place not too far from Salisbury, well worth a leisurely day trip. This place is none other than eastern Rowan County. Despite some critics who complain that... Read more »

Carolina Renaissance Festival

Kaetlyn McNabb, Sports
November 26, 2014

The Carolina Renaissance Festival is fun for families and all ages! The Festival began on the weekend of October fourth and ended last weeked. There were all different kinds of activities going on throughout the day from jousts, camel riding, petting zoos, singing, or going in the gift shops all set... Read more »

Phi Beta Lambda goes to Charlotte!

William Spencer, Writer
November 19, 2014

On Thursday, October 30, Catawba College students in the Phi Beta Lambda business club toured the city of Charlotte. The trip, sponsored by the Ralph Ketner School of Business, allowed for current members to build awareness of the largest city in North Carolina. It also provided information about the... Read more »

Environmental Stewards Retreat

Hannah Davis, Writer
November 11, 2014

Students in Catawba College’s Environmental Stewards program spent the night at Dr. Wear’s cabin near High Rock Lake.

Paranormal Profile: Gravity Hill


Lucas Safrit, Writer
October 31, 2014

Looking for a fun way to creep out your friends without faking with silly pranks? A place to scare you out of your wits on Halloween night? Nestled deep in the landscape of Eastern Rowan County is a phenomenon that is very strange, creepy, and interesting at the same time. Gravity Hill is located a few... Read more »