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James Davis: A Criminal Defense Lawyer

Kiersten Nichols, Writer/Photographer
October 27, 2014

On March 7, 2000 a month long capital murder trial was concluded by James Davis.  His client was a 28 yr old white female with an IQ of 78, the average IQ is around 100.  She was accused of killing her father and was facing the death sentence. She testified for two days, there was a lot of forensic... Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Jill Paget Lowe


Alanna Paget, Writer
September 8, 2014

Mrs. Jill Paget Lowe graduated from Catawba in 1999. She majored in Spanish and headed out to Los Angeles after college to pursue a masters in Spanish at California State Long Beach. However, she thought about what her true passion really was and it happened to be fashion! She then decided to pursue... Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: David McDowell


Darby Reedy, Editor
November 14, 2012

Almost four years ago, Cresaptown, Maryland native David McDowell walked across the stage and graduated from Catawba College with a degree in Sport Management. Now, as Sports Information Director at Catawba, he can be found working at most sporting events here on campus. Before returning to work full-time... Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Kyle Thortsen


Stephanie Cook, Editor
February 4, 2012

Catawba College alum Kyle Thortsen is one lucky guy.  Not only was he able to play the sport he loved in college, he now teaches it to people of all ages! Originally from Charlotte, N.C., Thortsen currently resides in Durham and is a USPTA (United States Professional Tennis Association) Certified Teaching... Read more »

Alumni Spotlight: Jen Trout


Darby Reedy, Writer
February 4, 2012

From hairbrush to ESPN, Jen Trout has come a long way since practicing her television skills in front of a mirror during middle school. A 2010 Catawba graduate hailing from Seaford, New York, Jen came to Catawba to discover herself. She was looking for a college that would offer her the luxury of being... Read more »

The Sounds of Homecoming

Rashad Brown, Writer
October 28, 2011

This past weekend Catawba College came together to celebrate homecoming, reuniting family, friends, and alumni alike. This year the music department of Catawba filled the weekend with music, intertwining the musical festivities with the planned events of Homecoming. With sound from choral composer... Read more »

Alumni Spotlight- Matt Patrick

By Kaylee S Johnson, Fine Arts Editor/Photography Editor
April 16, 2011

It’s always sad when students leave the comforts of college and go out into the “Real World”, but we were able to catch up with one of our most recent Alumni, Matt Patrick. While Matt was here, he made a name for himself as an outstanding actor and outrageous funny man. Now, Mr Patrick... Read more »

Catawba alumni wins Miss Mecklenburg County

Dusti Kempf, Arts & Entertainment Editor
January 30, 2011

Amanda Sowards, a 2010 graduate of Catawba College, was crowned Miss Mecklenburg County 2011 on Saturday night, January 22nd.  Amanda also received the interview award, which is given to the contestant with the highest score from a private interview that is held prior to the onstage competition. Amanda... Read more »

Update: Former “Pioneer” Editor Aly Halter

Lizzle Davis, Writer
October 29, 2010

One of Catawba’s own is making quite a name for herself.  Former Pioneer editor Alyssa “Aly” Halter is boldly taking on post-grad life through her new position as an Electronic Media Specialist & Communications Coordinator for a K-12 non-profit private school in Virginia Beach. Soon after... Read more »

Conquering the World, One Swing at a Time

Erin Kidd, Writer
October 26, 2010

Golf is a sport that requires patience, persistence, and some huge talent. Todd Janssen, a 2009 graduate from Catawba College, has all three of these attributes and is using them to conquer the world. Janssen is from New Jersey, but is currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina. He began playing golf... Read more »