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Winterfest is Here!


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Rebekah Brown, Writer
January 24, 2012
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Winterfest isn’t weeks away anymore; it is this Saturday night from 9:00 pm to 1:00 am!

I interviewed junior Jackie Davis, treasurer of the Helen Foil Beard Women Society at Catawba, part of the committee in charge of putting together the dance.  I asked her what exactly Winterfest is.  She answered, “Winterfest is a college prom or formal dance.”

Food and refreshments will be served from vendors such as Walmart, Chick-Fil-a, and Jersey Mikes subs (don’t worry vegetarians, we have got you covered). An in-house DJ will be present to serve individual requests and get the party going. A photographer will be there for anyone who wants photos with their date or just one with the friends. The DJ will honor a variety of requests, insuring all party-goers will have a good time. The photographer adds to the prom atmosphere, a perfect mix of nostalgia and modern appeal.

In past years, Winterfest has been notorious for inadvertently attracting reckless guests. This is a school-sanctioned event and campus rules still apply.  Jackie stated, “Any students that come in drunk will be escorted out by public safety.”  So please, leave the extra activities at home and come to have a good, clean time.   This event is put on by your student peers as a time to have fun, not to get in trouble.

The first 150 students in the door will be eligible for this year’s mystery giveaway.  Helen Foil cannot divulge anymore details, but when asked if it is something that students can use all year round, Jackie answered, “Yes.”

Jackie Davis stated, “Winterfest is a time for students to dress up in their formal attire and have fun for a night. I think Winterfest will be lots of fun.”

This year’s theme is Outta This World! Come celebrate with your fellow students and have a night “out of this world!”


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