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Theatre Production: “We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!”

Tracy MacKay-Ratliff

Kristi Leonard, Writer

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We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay! premiered on October 2nd. The Shuford School of Performing Arts, Catawba College Theatre Arts, and the Blue Masque presented this play in the Florence Busby Corriher Theatre. For this play you better be prepared not for the story line, but to laugh without stopping.

This comical, witty, and charming play was an instant hit. During the performance, errors occurred from time to time, but the cast played them off without a hitch. A few parts were simply hilarious just because the cast was wanting to laugh along with the audience. The actors were flawless at portraying their unique roles.

Gabriella Bressi, Verity Pryor-Harden, Sean Henderson, Adam Weiner, and Michelle Newberger made up the cast of this classic, and did it with grace and style. The most credit should go to the student director himself, Jeffrey Salerno, who emphasized this play through the actor’s and the simple, but classically clean, setting.

Salerno knew he wanted to direct a play that had a strong political background. When searching for a play to direct, he stumbled upon “We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!” However, he was very surprised at the screen play itself and thought that with this play being written back in the 1970’s it would be hard to fit in today’s society. However, it fits quite well. This play embodies activities that are going on today. This play was a sure in deal for Salerno when he began reading the script and realizing he was laughing out loud at the entire play. This alone sold Salerno for this classical comedy.

In the beginning Gabriella Bressi, who played Antonia, and Verity Pryor-Harden, who played Margherita, started by “stealing” groceries. The entire story line includes a life of a poor housewife, whom just wants to feed her starving family, and simply steals groceries. However, a law-abiding husband won’t stand for a thief for a wife, although he eventually gets in on this classical stealing idea. A few mistakes happen when the wives kill a cop, and the husbands purchase a coffin without either one knowing about the other. Newberger played the cop, the state trooper, the old man, and countless other parts. Newberger added seamless character to this play, and her parts were the funniest of them all.

During this comical play, laughter upon laughter filled the theatre, and I was laughing endlessly. Well done Salerno on this classic.

Up Next: Charlottes Web in the Florence Busby Corriher Theatre on October 23-25, 6:55pm and October 27, 2:00pm.

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Theatre Production: “We Won’t Pay! We Won’t Pay!”