Late Night WIGWAM

Lacey Trivette

Lacey Trivette

Kristi Leonard

Last Saturday, November tenth at 8pm, Wigwam Productions, Diversity Club, and Delphi hosted the late night Wigwam. This was a festive carnival theme!

The “party” started with classic carnival games that included milk jugs, bean bag toss, the claw, and frog pond. Each of these were hits. In the game Frog Pond, students tried to get the frog onto the lily pad floating around the “pond” by hitting tiny catapults with a mallet. In the game Milk Jugs, students tried to get the plastic ball inside the BIG milk jugs. These games were very entertaining and quite fun!

There were countless other free things as well. The Laser Engraved Crystals were truly amazing. Each student could get a crystal statue or a keychain. You also could go get an ‘Old Timey’ photo done. A green screen acted as the back drop for the picture and your background was added soon there after. However, before stepping onto the green screen you must dress the part. Costumes were provided, as well as props including toy guns and cowboy hats.

Free food was also provided, which included fried chicken, mac-n-cheese, and curly fries. There was also a cotton candy machine, as well as fresh made funnel cakes.

Overall this Wigwam was one to attend and included many fun activities to do as a group! Keep an eye out for the next Wigwam event around campus.

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