Catawba’s Improv Troupe asks “WHERE ARE THE DIAMONDS”

Kaylee S Johnson

By Kaylee S Johnson, Fine Arts/Photography Editor

Last night, Catawba College’s Improv Troupe “Where are the Diamonds” had their CatawbaPalooza show to a crowd of rowdy students.

The Troupe consists of:

  • Ryan Glidewell (Senior)
  • Chris Clowers (Senior)
  • Chris Herring (Senior)
  • Katie Hauser (Senior)
  • Robin Tynes (Junior)
  • Tommy Hawfield (Sophomore)
  • Sean Henderson (Sophomore)
  • Sydney Berk (Sophomore)
  • Jordan Clifton (Freshman)

During the show, the troupe played games and created the scenes right off the top of their heads. Basically, it’s just like that show that used to be on TV called “Whose Line Is It Anyway”. They also used suggestions thrown out by the audience, as well as making audience members participate in the games!

Games included: The Dating Game- with ‘beautiful bachelorettes’, Interrogation, Lines from our Pockets, No Hands, One Voice, and Dr. Know-It-All.

We look forward to more shows in the future from this talented bunch of improvers!



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