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The Blue Masque Olympics

Katlyn Shaw

Hannah Davis, Writer

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If you saw anyone on campus this past week running around, dressed in strange outfits, or covered in red Jell-o, then you probably witnessed a part of the Blue Masque’s annual Olympics.

Since the Blue Masque group, a club open to any one who possesses a love of theatre, is the largest club on campus, the Olympics were designed to help its members get to know one another through friendly competition. The club also gives each new “Little”(new members and freshman) a “Big” (upperclassmen). A “Big’s” job is to help show their “Littles” around and make them feel welcome.

Day one of the Olympics consisted of various relay races between teams. Also on day one, a small kitten was found hiding in the bushes outside of Keppel Auditorium and was taken home by one of the girls; we called the kitten Bush Cat.

On day two, there was a rigorous scavenger hunt that ranged all the way from “Say the pledge of allegiance in front of Hedrick” to “Find Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory.”

Day three was a rest day. Most of the girls watched a movie, played with the bush cat found on day one, and chatted at one of the “Big’s” houses. Meanwhile the guys, and some girls, played video games at another “Big’s” house.

Day four consisted of four teams battling it out with red, sticky Jell-o in the grass outside of the Hedrick Little Theatre. The team with the least amount of Jell-o on them after the fight was over, won a metal. There were also prizes given to one person on each team who was covered with the most Jell-o.

Saturday, day five, concluded the Olympics with a lock-in in Keppel Auditorium and the Peeler-Crystal Lounge.

The Blue Masque is a fun way to express your love of theater and is always welcoming new members!

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The Blue Masque Olympics