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The New “One-Man Band”

Hannah Davis, Writer
September 17, 2013
Filed under Fun Stuff

Last Thursday, Wigwam hosted the incredible one-man-band Preston Pugmire. This is the second time that Pugmire has performed at Catawba and he was absolutely thrilled to be back.

When Pugmire was about 14 years old, his dad started teaching himself to play guitar. Pugmire soon became enthralled with the music, and began to teach himself how to play the guitar as well. He says that he started by learning Nirvana songs, and then grew from there.

Pugmire has definitely come a long way with his music since learning Nirvana songs. With his soothing guitar riffs and sweet lyrics about love, it’s no wonder that Pugmire’s wife fell in love with him after he subtly sang a song about her at one of his concerts when they were best friends.

Pugmire’s most impressive talent, however, is his use of a technique called “looping.” At his feet lay a board of petals that allow him to record himself as he is playing and play it back immediately in a loop. Pugmire skillfully built this board himself, and he believes that he has perfected it with his third prototype. In the song “Look what I can do with a deck of cards,” Pugmire uses his footboard and looping technique to create a beautiful song by laying different sounds on top of one another, all while keeping a beat.

The rhythms may seem simple at first, but the technology and use of the rhythms is far from simple. However, there is more than music involved because underneath all the rhythms and fancy equipment is Pugmire’s caring message about believing in your dreams and trusting in love. In short, if you missed Preston Pugmire’s performance on Thursday then you missed a great performance, but with any luck he will return for a third performance.

Preston Pugmire is listed as the Best Music Artist for 2013’s College Circuit and his music is available for download on iTunes.


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