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Catawba Winterfest Fun!

Helen Foil Beard Society

William Spencer, Writer

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For those who attended Catawba’s annual Winterfest, it was anything but uneventful. As the members of the women’s club, Helen Foil Beard prepared the decorations and signed the students into the school’s physical education center, a rush of excitement and festivity could be felt from both the group and the attendees.

Decorations filled the room complete with masquerade costume mask, streamers, cardboard displays, balloons, and tables laid out with Mardi Gras beads and glasses of candy for the guests to enjoy. Students also could avail themselves to the photo booths in the center to commemorate their Winterfest experience. Due to this year’s celebration being held in the gym, as opposed to Peeler Crystal Lounge, more students (500 to be exact) were able to attend the affair and President of Helen Foil Beard, Mary Catherine Feola, was pleased with the turnout saying, “I think the night in general was very successful, if not the most successful we have done in the years I have been a student.”

The proceeds from the event will be donated to a local women’s batter shelter aiding females affected by violence. According to the group, their ticket sales were better than expected with over $700 being made for their cause.

Feola mentions the many individuals that helped to make Winterfest possible thanking them for making the night safe and successful for the students. From the campus security guards to the catering service, the night would not have been the same without the collaborations between the Catawba faculty, students and other companies such as Chick-Fil-A and Jersey Mikes. “The girls in the club along with all of the help from Philos, DAS, public safety, and the police officers really made the night run smoothly,” said Feola.

The group is truly pleased with the outcome of the dance. Although they admit some aspects, as with anything, may need changing, this year’s Winterfest was certainly a night to remember.

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Catawba Winterfest Fun!