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Relax, It’s Friday

Hannah Davis

Hannah Davis, Writer

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The Wigwam event this Friday was all about relaxation. As one of the only full weeks of classes since students have gotten back from winter break, the event was extremely welcomed by students. At the event, there were four full massage chairs, and four massaging cots that gently rocked your legs and hips. Some students were lulled to sleep during the massages but most continued to chat with others and use their cell phones.

The biggest hit at the event was the oxygen bar. Each student who wanted to try the oxygen bar got their own tube to put in their nose and connect to the oxygen machine. Each machine contained four different scents which, when turned on, bubbled and allowed the person to breathe in pure oxygen through the tube. Breathing pure oxygen can help increase concentration, alertness, memory, and can even speed up the body’s recovery processes. Some of the scents at the oxygen bar included “Appletini,” “the beach,” “shower with me,” and “blackberry vanilla.”

Although the event was relaxing, there was a long wait for each station. While students waited their turn at these machines, soothing music played to create a soothing environment throughout the student center.

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Relax, It’s Friday