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Restaurant Review: Kimono

Erin House

Teriyaki chiken with mixed vegetables from Kimono.

Rebecca Rider, Writer

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There’s a new Japanese-style restaurant around that’s stealing the show. Kimono has only been open a few months, but it’s already a pretty hopping place to go.

Kimono’s first impression might not be the best. It’s obviously in a building not built for it, and the interior and the atmosphere could use a little work. But what it lacks in décor, it makes up for with its menu, and in my opinion, if you like sushi this is the place to go.

For one, their sushi menu is pretty varied. They have just about any sushi you can imagine, and for a pretty reasonable price, too. A regular roll runs between $5 and $7. Nigiri is between $2 and $4. The sushi ingredients are pretty fresh, too—definitely the best in town.

They also have the usual hibachi and teriyaki grill combos. Kimono advertises as being fresh and healthy, and they live up to it pretty well. The grill entrees aren’t slathered in sauce, and the fried rice isn’t oily. The vegetables aren’t overcooked, either. And they have vegetarian options for every dish. After every meal, the waitstaff will treat you to a free orange, beautifully cut and arranged. What’s not to love?

Kimono also has an impressive list of appetizers and desserts, as well. There are also a few unusual items on the menu, such as Bulgogi—a Korean meat dish that happens to be pretty tasty.

The overall menu pricing is pretty affordable. Seven dollars at Kimono will buy you quite a bit of food. Located in the old Zaki’s building just down the road from Catawba, there really aren’t many excuses for Catawba students not to try it out.

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Restaurant Review: Kimono