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Spotlight: Josh Feldman

Rebekah Brown

Rebekah Brown, Writer

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Have you ever listened to the Catawba College volleyball games and wondered who was announcing?  Well, meet Josh Feldman! He is the sportscaster of the volleyball team home games.

Josh has been playing volleyball since he was 12 years old.  He played on his middle and high school teams and he walked onto the University of Southern California’s team while attending there.  He was a 6’5” middle blocker with a 36” vertical.  He graduated from the University of Southern California in Broadcasting Journalism, “one of the best in the country,” in May of 2007.

I had the pleasure of meeting him before a volleyball game on September 25, 2012, when Catawba won against Pfeiffer in a four set match.  I asked him why he chose volleyball, and he said that he liked to play, announce, and watch the game.

I was wondering why he decided to move to North Carolina, and he said that he had a job offer with the Kannapolis Intimidators as a sportscaster and he decided to take it.  He also stated that there was a change of pace from Los Angeles to Kannapolis, but he doesn’t resent the move.  When he isn’t working as the sportscaster, he is going out selling advertising for The Intimidators.

Then I asked him “how did you hear about Catawba?” He pointed to David McDowell (Catawba College Assistant Sports Information Director, Catawba graduate of 2009) and said McDowell is the scorekeeper of the Intimidators, and it just kind of started.

Feldman has been calling baseball for six years and “football since forever.”  I asked him “what do you do in your spare time?”  He stated, “Call volleyball.  It’s the only thing that I was comfortable with.”   I asked him if he thought that he was good at sportscasting when he first started off, he simply stated, “I thought I was horrible.  I wanted to quit after my first game!”

His future aspiration is to call volleyball at an Olympic level, but only wants to be a play by play announcer, not a color analyst.

You can listen to Josh during any of the Catawba Volleyball games at, under the listen live tab, or you can come show your appreciation for him for doing this for free by coming to the games and meeting him!

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Spotlight: Josh Feldman