Senior Night: Men’s Soccer

Chuck Williams

Rebekah Brown, Writer

Senior Night and the last night of the regular season for men’s soccer was on October 27, 2012.  The young men that were recognized were the following: Frankie Cardelle, Oatie Nader, Spencer Preston, Carson Smith, Eoin Duffy, and Valentin Nava.

Number 1, Frankie Cardelle, the goal-keeper for the Indians, who starred at Salisbury High School, has a career which consists of 31 saves and 13 assists.

Oatie Nader (number 3), one of the defense players for the Indians who graduated from Piedmont High School, has a career that includes three shots of goals.

Number 5, Spencer Preston, another defensive player for the Indians and a graduate from Estero High School, has six goals, three assists, and two out of those six goals were game winning goals.

Eoin Duffy (number 8), a midfielder and a Galway University graduate, assisted the Indians once on senior night. His career here at Catawba includes three assists.

Number 9, Carson Smith, another midfielder for the Indians who starred at Mooresville High School, assisted once and scored one goal on the last night of the regular season. Smith’s career at Catawba consists of 24 goals, 26 assists, and of the 24 goals eight were game winning goals.

Valentin Nava (number 10), a forward and a graduate from J.C. Carson High School, scored one goal on senior night.  His career here includes 15 goals, six assists, and five game winning goals of his 15 goals.

The team then went to the first round of the playoffs on October 31.

From everyone here at Catawba, we want to say congratulations on making it to the first round of the playoffs and completing your great career here at Catawba College.

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