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Catawba Football Gears Up For Blue-White Game

Theo Zätterström

Coach Walker gives his take on the scrimmage in Shuford Stadium last Saturday.

Mark Covert, Sports Writer

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On a cool and breezy Saturday morning in March, college football teams across the nation began preparing for their annual spring scrimmages and, ultimately, their upcoming seasons. Some teams are going through the same routine, whereas others are learning new systems and plays. The latter can be said about Catawba football, where new head coach Curtis Walker and his staff are trying to instill a tough mindset and new systems into the program.

This effort continued on into this past Saturday, when the football team held their second inner-squad scrimmage of the spring in Shuford Stadium.  The scrimmage started off with several different scenarios, such as goal line plays, first down drives, and finally full drives were put together as if it were a true game.

For much of the day, the first-team defense gave the first-team offense fits, finding gaps and holes in the blocking and making plays in the backfield or for minimal gains.  However, the second-team offense fared much better against the second-team defense, scoring touchdowns on multiple occasions, whether it were through the passing game or by running the ball.  Standouts of the day were quarterback Mike Sheehan, runningback Thomas Lowe, and the first-string defense as a whole.

Coach Walker said after the scrimmage had concluded that while the execution of plays was still sloppy at times, he admired the heart and determination that his players showed on Saturday.  He applauded that, telling them that the other aspects, such as the execution, will come along as long as they keep hustling and that things are starting to come together.

The fall is still a long way away and while Cat-U football has a new regime taking over, they look solid at this point in the spring and if everything gels together like the coaches have said they will, it might not be too crazy to think that something big happen this fall.

The annual Blue-White game will be held in Shuford Stadium on April 6 at 11 AM.

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Catawba Football Gears Up For Blue-White Game