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From Catawba to the NFL

Aaron Hartsell, Writer

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LJ McCray will be graduating in December with a B.A. degree in communications. After graduation, he will be embarking on a childhood dream of training for the National Football League. LJ was a senior defensive back on the Catawba football team this season and he was number 4 on the field. I asked LJ what he enjoyed the most about his time at Catawba and he replied,  “the bonds that I have built with the different people and the small environment that Catawba has to offer because I know a lot of people because of that.”

LJ will be going to train for the NFL after graduation in December, so I also asked him how having his former Catawba teammate and friend, Jumal Rolle, who is on the Green Bay Packers practice squad currently and going through the NFL life help you for in the future to know some of the things that will go on, he replied “it helps me out so much because of the steps that he (Rolle) took to get where he is at and he can help me because he has been through it and it makes my situation a lot easier.” I also asked LJ what kinds of training are you going to do to get prepared for the NFL and where are going to train at? LJ replied,  “I haven’t decided where to train at but I am going to do most of the drills that they do at the combine, but I am going to be learning how to get the drills done at the NFL safety position and at a faster pace.”

I also asked LJ about some of the things he will have to adjust to as a player to be a successful defensive back in the NFL and he said  that “the different reads that the offense makes and the athletic ability that the other teams have and you have to know the different things like watching film and progressing in the way I read the ball are some of the things I will have to adjust to.” LJ also said “there is no particular team that I want to play for in the NFL, I just want an opportunity to play and be recognized for my accomplishments.”

I also asked LJ what kind of goals he set for himself once he makes it to the NFL and he replied,  “I just want to stay in the NFL because it is hard to maintain yourself and ability once you get in the NFL because that is a whole lot harder competition.”

LJ will start training for the NFL after graduating in December.

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From Catawba to the NFL