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Putting the Spotlight on Tom Mitchell

Tom Mitchell taking in the sites on a vacation.

Jarrett Murphy, Sports Editor, Writer

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People underestimate the physical nature of tennis and the hard work that it takes to become one of the best in the sport. One of Catawba’s best tennis athletes, Tom Mitchell, recognizes what it takes to be the best in tennis – the hard work that he demonstrates on the court helps him in the classroom as well.

For those who have not heard about Tom: he’s a unique and outgoing kid from Vancouver, Canada. Tom informed me that being from a big town in Canada gave him the opportunity to try new and interesting things like hiking, snowboarding, and tennis. But out of those activities, Tom excelled the most at tennis.

Tom began his journey to become an elite tennis player back in high school where he thought it would be best for him to transfer to one of the top junior tennis programs in Florida. When Tom got to Florida, he found that the level of competition was fiercer and was just what he needed to take his game to new heights. After Tom’s senior in high school, he soon gained the attention of a few colleges, but chose Catawba because they showed the most promise.

While at Catawba, Tom impressed many of his peers and coaches by beating out some of the best competition in Catawba’s conference. Tom eventually earned the honor of being named to Second Team All-Conference and continued to get even better. Even though Tom was getting better on the tennis court, he was also getting better in the classroom working hard on his degree in Business Management. Tom improved so much in the classroom that he made the Catawba Dean’s List last semester, which was a big improvement for him.

Since Tom is now a senior, he is looking forward to graduating this year, but he informed that he will miss a lot of things at Catawba, especially tennis and being a part of a tight knit group. But while Tom may miss a lot of things at Catawba, he is prepared for the challenges that await him after college. I hope that he continues his success after college in whatever he does.

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Putting the Spotlight on Tom Mitchell