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Spotlight: Denise “Diz” Grissom

Chuck Williams

Rebekah Brown, writer

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Meet Denise “Diz” Grissom, from Stokesdale, NC. She is a senior here at Catawba College. Diz is studying in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology.

She is number 10 on the volleyball team. I asked her what position she played on the team, she said, “I am a Defensive Specialist.” A defensive specialist is a person that is “in the back of the court (not near the net)” that “dives for the balls that the other team hits.” She is like a libero, but the difference between a libero and a defensive specialist is the libero gets to come in and out with the people on the back row without an official sub, whereas with the defensive specialist, she gets to have an officially sub in and out with someone that is really good on the front row.

I asked her what she thought her teammates and classmates would remember when she leaves. She stated “I think my teammates and classmates will remember me as the one who told the cheesiest jokes and was always there when someone needed something.”

I asked her to describe herself in one word and she said that she would have to say caring. Diz is involved in many clubs and organizations here at Catawba College. She is involved in FCA (Fellowship Christian Athletes), West Scholars, Kappa Delta Pi (Educational Honors Society), Psi Chi (Psychology Honors Society), Phi Epsilon (an honorary scholastic society at Catawba College), and she is also an Resident Assistant (RA) at Catawba College.

When asked, “What is the most memorable thing(s) that you will remember from college?” She stated, “My most memorable moment here at Catawba would be meeting people who will forever be a big part of my life.” Her favorite class at Catawba was Child Psychology with Dr. Boulter because she enjoys learning about Psychology and working with kids, “it was a fun class,” she said.

In five years, Diz can see herself teaching elementary school and working towards her masters in counseling. When I asked her what is the one thing that you will miss from Catawba life, she stated “I will miss living so close to all of my friends here at Catawba.”

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The Student Newspaper of Catawba College
Spotlight: Denise “Diz” Grissom