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Staff 2010-2011

Cyndi Wittum Allison – Advisor

Brandon Coble -Editor

Erin Kidd -Editor

Kaylee Johnson -Fine Arts Editor/ Photo Editor

Lizzle Davis -Writer


Dusti Kempf – A&E Editor


Brandi Cockerham – Writer


Stuart Thomson – Writer


Jarrett Murphy – Writer


Lili Kiefer – Writer


Jessica Gaskill – Writer

Brad Hamrick – Writer


Jade Hamdan – Writer


Lori Hamrick – Writer

Jeremy Gardner – Writer

Angela Banks – Writer

Sean Fontaine – Writer

Erica Smith – Writer

Megan Varnadore – Writer

Laela Ghorbani -Writer

The Pioneer Staff for 2010 – 2011

  • Brandon Coble, Editor
  • Erin Kidd, Editor
  • Kaylee Johnson, Fine Arts Editor/ Photo Editor
  • Lizzle Davis, Writer
  • Dusti Kempf, A&E Editor
  • Brandi Cockerham, Writer
  • Stuart Thomson, Writer
  • Jarrett Murphy, Writer
  • Lili Kiefer, Writer
  • Jessica Gaskill, Writer
  • Brad Hamrick, Writer
  • Lori Hamrick, Writer
  • Jeremy Gardner, Writer
  • Angela Banks, Writer
  • Sean Fontaine, Writer
  • Erica Smith, Writer
  • Megan Varnadore, Writer
  • Laela Ghorbani, Writer
  • Cyndi Allison Wittum, Advisor

POSITIONS: The following are the positions available at the Pioneer. We welcome all students to work with the newspaper on campus; however, editorial slots can ONLY be filled by students taking the class for credit.  Please contact us if you are interested in joining our staff.

Advisor — The advisor is ultimately responsible for the newspaper on campus (and handles any problems which may come up). Students must work with advisor in all matters related to the Pioneer. Advisor assigns grades in the class as outlined in the Introduction section.

Managing Editor — The Managing Editor coordinates all student activity related to the newspaper. Typically, the Editor will oversee meetings, story selections, assignments, photo needs, lay out and final copy. Editor will work with incoming students to ensure that everyone understands duties and meets class requirements (with assistance from advisor as needed).

Assistant Editor— Assistant Editor should be a continuing student interested in editing. Assistant will work with Editor and learn how to oversee and put together the newspaper. Generally, the Assistant will move up to the Editor slot when the position is available.

Advertising Manager — Advertising Manger will coordinate all ads sales (staff members should check in with AM when making ad pitches). AM will make sure Editor knows which ads will run in which editions and at what size. AM will also be responsible for record keeping, billing, and getting copies of the paper to clients. When graphic work is needed, AM will work with advisor and other staff members to ensure that ads meet specifications of advertiser. Ads must be cleared through Dean Scarvey by the AM prior to print.

Photography Director — Photography Director will work with Editor on photos needed for stories assigned. Photos may be borrowed on campus or assigned to students with cameras. The Pioneer has one camera available for check out. The Pioneer camera works better for out door shots. We hope to add a digital camera in the near future which can also be checked out to staff members.

Sports Editor — Sports Editor will cover and/or assign stories dealing with Sports on Campus. Also responsible for lay out. Generally two pages in this area per edition (with space for ads as needed). Need to work with the athletic department especially in the area of photos including returning borrowed photos.

Entertainment Editor— The Entertainment Editor will keep track of activities on campus and report on activities related to theater, choir, and general campus activities. Also, activites of interest in the community (movies, theater, readings, travel). Articles can be assigned to general reporters and photos to class members with cameras. The EE will work on the lay out for the Entertainment Page (or coordinate with other students on this page).

Writer — All students should be writing some copy for the paper. Students not holding title positions should carry a heavier writing load than those involved in mechanics, photography, web page etc.

Photographer — Students with cameras are encouraged to help with getting photos for the Pioneer. Shots should be high quality with strong contrast. We need more “people” and “action” pictures. One camera is available for check out. The camera which is point and shoot works better for outdoor pictures. We should have a digital camera sometimes soon which will also be available for check out.

Proofreader — This may not sound like an exciting position, but it is critical. We need someone to go over the paper word by word and make sure that we turn in clean copy. This is the last stage before the paper goes to press. A strong POLISH person is very important.

Columnist —
Columnist will work on one column per edition dealing with campus or college related issues. This piece should be in first person. We need a head shot (picture of your face) to run with the column.

Editorialist — This also involves one piece per issue. Although this piece is similar to the column, the editorial will involve some research and include “heavier” issues on campus.