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Chelsea’s Alterations

Megan Varnadore, Lifestyles Editor, Writer

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“I find it fun to see the potential in a piece of clothing that seems forgotten or outdated!”  These are the words from the creative mouth and mind of Chelsea Retalic.  Chelsea got into sewing and alterations when she was a young teenager ; now it is her business here at Catawba.  She does everything from hemming and alterations to decorative pieces.

Chelsea is currently working on having her alteration business approved through Y.E.S. After noticing a need for this service on campus and already having the skills and experience to do such, she went to a Y.E.S. meeting and started getting things together for her very own business: Chelsea’s Alterations.  Do you have a hole in your pants?  Do you need some clothes let out or taken in?  Do you want a little extra flair added to a piece of clothing?  Well, Chelsea is the girl for you.  “Sewing just comes easily to me…,” says Chelsea.

She started sewing and making clothes for her dolls when she was just ten years old.  I have to say that she’s already more accomplished than myself in this department.  Shortly after that, she learned to use her mother’s sewing machine.  A couple of years later, she received her own sewing machine.  She says, “Shortly after I became enthralled with the show [Project Runway], my mom bought me a dress form (sewing mannequin)…”  Here’s an example of her skills: she bought a skirt at a local store for about $3 and though it fit her well, it was lacking in up-to-date fashion.  So, she cut and hemmed it to meet the specific look that she wanted, and it came out perfectly!  She says that most people are pretty impressed with her skill level.  There are not many people left today who do know how to sew and/or make their own clothing.  I would not go so far as to say that Chelsea is by herself concerning her skills, but they will definitely be put to good use on campus.  Soon after being approved, Chelsea will open shop in Adam’s Loft for a few hours a week.  During these hours, customers will be free to pick up and drop off things that need to be worked on.  “This business’s main goal is to provide to the people of Catawba a valuable and reasonably priced service on campus.”  I think that says it all.

Chelsea says that the best way to reach her is through her business’s Facebook page.  Here’s the link: http: Chelsea’s Alterations.  Please do keep in mind when viewing the site that she is just getting started.  So, though it may not be much to look at right now, I’m sure it will be very soon!

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  1. Cathy Warren on April 4th, 2012 9:24 pm

    This is an exciting new service offered to the students of Catawba and I hope they’ll take advantage. Great article about one of the lost arts. Kudos to you, Chelsea!!


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Chelsea’s Alterations