2012 Spring Awards Convocation

The Spring 2012 Award Recipients. Photo Credit: Tonia Black-Gold

Raven Canty, Writer

On April 19, Catawba College had its annual Spring Award Convocation in the Omwake-Dearborn Chapel. The special awards that were given out were created with the motto that it would be “our reminder as to why Green Pig represents Catawba’s commitment to environment responsibility and promotion of a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.”

With the induction of the new college president, Mr. Brien Lewis, in addition to the new Student Government Association Officers (SGA) for the 2012-2013 academic year and the giving of forty plus awards, this service was full of excitement and achievements.

The SGA officers for the2 012-2013 academic year include President Jana Burkhardt, Vice President Christian A. Crifasi, Secretary Justin M. Smith, and Treasurer Leah Constan-Tatos.

Awards were given in three categories:

Service to the Community & Leadership Awards:

Mr. and Ms. Catawba: Rayshaun and Brandi Cockerham

David Hoyle Award for Outstanding Service in Student Activities: Garrett McAuliffe and Brandi Cockerham

The Pioneer Award: Stephanie Cook

Frances Decker Wentz Award: Whitney Mullis and Mackenzie Westbrook

Kenneth Clapp Tri-Delta Award: Dr. Janice M. Fuller

Leader in Environmental Stewardship Award: Sarah Robinson and Dr. Mike Baranski

Who’s Who among Students in American Universities and Colleges: Amanda L. Drake, Sarah A. Moore, Ana K. Cooke, W. Brett Underwood, Claire E. Robinson, Jennifer M. Goble, Jubilee A. Meehan, Joshua A. Payne, Sarah C. Robinson, Julie R. Gilley, Marissa E. DiMarco, Joshua L. Owens, Sarah Y. Morse, Stephanie W. Cook, Whitney P. Mullis, Kyle D. Hendrick, and Robin E. Tynes

Paul Fisher Service Award and Scholarship: Kelly M. Schumacher

Academic Achievement Awards:

Sherrill & Smith Award in Business Administration: Travis S. Cauble

Millard F. Wilson Award for Excellence in Business: Sarah Matulis and Joshua Owens

Dr. Charles Turney Award and the Martha H. Morehead Award: Elizabeth G. “Lizzle” Davis

Rebecca H. Frantz Essay Prize: Jubilee Meehan

Bethany and Aidan Sinnott Poetry Award: Jessica Everett and Elizabeth G. “Lizzle” Davis

Rice, Andrews, Young Award: Jacqueline Hodgson

Elisabeth Scranton History Award: Julie Gilley

Braun Award in Physics: Frank Villa and Jacob Regensburger

The Chemistry Prize: Blake Rushing

CRC Press Freshman Chemistry Achievement Award: Luke Kooyman and Lucas W. Riebe

American Institute of Chemists Award: Rachel Cone

Mathematics Award: Spencer K. Ashley

Environmental Programs Award: Sarah C. Robinson

Shirley L. Haworth Prospective Teacher Award: Margaret Steele and Melanie Hudson

Student Education Association/Cynthia Osterhus Award: Brittany Myers

College Chairman’s Award: Melanie Hudson

Senior Psychology Award: Katie Zink

The Whitley Award: Marissa DiMarco

Daniel E. Kirk Biology Award: Amanda G. Williams

Augustin Daly Award: Robin Tynes

The Sociology Award: Megan Kittel

Dr. Karl E. Hales Communication Award: Brett Underwood and Stephanie Cook

Awards of Special Merit and Achievement:

Dean N. Grove Award:  Jacob Hill and Maggie McKee

Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award: Kyle D. Hendrick and Dr. James M. Beard

Staff Member of the Year: Ms. Sandra Owen

Professor of the Year: Dr. Janice Fuller

Louise Tucker Staff Council Award: Melanie McCulloh

President’s Award for Staff Excellence: Jay Laurens

Swink Prize for Outstanding Classroom Teacher: Dr. Sharon Sullivan

Trustee Award for Outstanding Contribution to the College: Dr. Kenneth W. Clapp

Whitener Medal Recipients: Claire Robinson and Yakir Malul

Congratulations to all the award recipients.

For more information on the awards, recipients, and photos, go to: Catawba College Award Recipients

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