The Joys of Being a Senior

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Raven Canty, Tech Editor/ Writer

Senior year: there are things you expect to happen such as less credits hours, fewer classes, more time for fun, and most of all, senioritis…but then there are those things you would have never thought of until they actually happened.

Most of you say “I cannot believe four years has passed and I’m now a senior.” But it does not kick in that you’re a senior until around late October, beginning of November; this is right after you have signed up for your last semester as a college student. This is when you think “I only have six months until I become an actual adult,” and then you yell…scary thought.

Six months might seem long to a lot of people, but if you see it from a college student’s perspective, you would see months of worrying about one thing or another. You begin having thoughts of whether or not you have enough credits to graduate, worrying if you have a job when you do graduate, and thinking that you do not want to be like that percentage of college students who end up back home living with their parents working a minimum wage job.

For most students there is still a little time to relax and not worry about what is going to happen next, but when next semester hits, they have to hit the floor running.

Will that be you? Or will you think ahead?

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