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Cold and Flu Season: Tips to Staying Healthy

Darby Reedy, Editor

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Winter is in full swing and so is cold and flu season! As colds and the flu circulate through schools and business places, there are many steps that can help keep you healthy!

Some steps to help you remain healthy this season include:

Go to your local doctor’s office, pharmacy, or urgent care and get a flu shot. Many people hate even the idea of getting a shot. However, the flu shot is quick and painless, and it may keep you from getting the flu. There is still a chance that you will get the flu, but the symptoms will be less severe. Flu shots are available at many local pharmacies. In addition, Catawba is offering their students the shot free of charge. Check it out!

Get plenty of sleep. Sleep is key to helping your body recuperate and fight off illnesses. While it may be tempting to stay up until three in the morning playing video games, it is not in your best interest to do so. Stay on top of schoolwork and go to bed a little earlier than usual during cold and flu season.

Take a daily vitamin. A simple vitamin could help ward off illness. Vitamins give you a healthy daily dose of many of the vitamins that are needed to keep sickness at bay, including Vitamin C, which boosts your immune system. From chewable gummies to capsules, vitamins come in many forms. Pick the kind that suits you best and help keep yourself healthy!

Wear warm clothing when you go outside. Whether you are walking to the mailbox, walking across a college campus, or touring New York City in the dead of winter, wear warm clothing! Heavy jackets, gloves, scarves, and hats will keep you warm and help you avoid getting sick.

Wash your hands often. Most people wash their hands before leaving the restroom. However, during cold and flu season, that may not be enough! Coming into contact with surfaces that have been contaminated is the quickest way to get sick. Therefore, washing your hands regularly (and not just after you go to the bathroom) is key to remaining healthy.

Regularly disinfect commonly used surfaces. Commonly used surfaces can house many common viruses. While you cannot disinfect every surface you come in contact with, you can still take some precautions. If you live in a dormitory or share an apartment, disinfecting door handles, countertops, faucets, etc. can help eliminate bacteria and viruses throughout the living space.

If you happen to get sick anyway, stay home (or in your dorm room)! While going to class and work is important, recovering from your sickness (and preventing the spreading of your illness) is even more important. Your teacher/boss will understand and be glad you didn’t infect them and your peers.

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Cold and Flu Season: Tips to Staying Healthy