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West Scholars Trip

Kyle Mechling

Kyle Mechling, Writer

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On Thursday February 7, 2013, the 2012 West Scholars Cohort, all took a trip to Central Cabarrus High School, who has their own STEM school within their high school.  STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

STEM schools are meant to better prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s real-world challenges.

The 9th graders who we observed are the first of their kind at Central Cabarrus High School.  The individual courses that we observed ranged from an English class that was annotating Romeo and Juliet to a design class where each student had the chance to create a classroom that they felt would best fit their STEM program.

The STEM teachers have some difficulties of their own when making the curriculum for their classes, because they also have to integrate other subjects each quarter, to make four quarterly projects a year.  All of the teachers were very dedicated to the STEM program and put in many hours to design their classes around the program.  STEM education programs are a relatively new system of learning, but it has shown great results and is believed to be the future of education in schools.

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West Scholars Trip