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Stress Levels Run High as Students Register for Fall Semester

Michelle Marrara, Writer

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The time is coming for students to register for classes for this coming fall semester.  Although college is a fun and exciting time, the stress of picking classes and finding a major that is right for you really starts to settle in when registration comes around. Not only is this the time for us to pick classes, but it also forces us to face our worries about our futures head on.

Freshmen, Alex Twombly, knows the feeling as she makes the bold decision to switch her major from Athletic Training to Exercise Science. “I always thought that Athletic Training would be the right path for me,” Twombly says, “but i decided that, in the long run, it really wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

Now Twombly has to change her whole game plan for next year due to this last-minute change of heart. “I really wasn’t worried about picking my classes for next year, but now that I changed my major I have to start from scratch. Now that we are getting so close to have to make our schedules, I’m really getting kind of stressed out” said Twombly.

The good news is that this isn’t the case for all students. A West-Scholar student, Lindsay Crawford, has always known what she wanted to do in her future and it doesn’t seem like she’ll be switching majors.

Lindsay is a Physical Education major and she says she’s wanted to do this her whole life. “I don’t think that I have as much stress as other students when it comes to registering,” says Lindsay. “Since I’ve always known what I wanted to do, I never had to switch my major or have had any second doubts. I pretty much have what classes I need to take figured out, so I’ve kind of always had at least an idea of what my schedule will be like.”

Many students aren’t as lucky as Lindsay Crawford, and many of us almost dread the week of registration. Although college is supposed to be the best time of our lives, we still have to face the stress that comes with being a student.

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The Student Newspaper of Catawba College
Stress Levels Run High as Students Register for Fall Semester