Teacher Education Department Hosts Kagan Workshop

Lizzle Davis

Lizzle Davis, Guest Writer

On March 14th-15th, Catawba’s Teacher Education Department hosted a Spencer Kagan workshop entitled “From Survival to Success: Essential Strategies for New Teachers” for all interested students in the Center for Environment. The seminar relayed a variety of cooperative learning techniques and instructional strategies for use in the beginning years of teaching.

During this nationally acclaimed seminar, I was able to learn management techniques as a hands-on participant in the strategies themselves. The strategies focused on creating a nurturing and safe class community in which students are best suited to learn. I appreciated that these strategies not only reinforced processing and critical thinking, but social and team-building skills as well.

Overall, I was able to glean many resources and strategies that I will certainly use as an emerging professional. As a current student teacher, I was able to implement these strategies upon my return to the classroom. The results have already proven that Kagan strategies are a wonderful starter kit for the beginning teacher.


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