Friday Night Event: All Tech’d Out!

Rebekah Brown

Rebekah Brown, Writer

Last Friday night, March 15, 2013, Wigwam hosted an event. You were able to go to different stations that they had set up and get different types of things such as laptop cases, iPad cases, iPhone cases, and other types of phone cases.

There was a wax hand stand with a container of hot wax that they let you dip your hand in and create a model of your hand in any shape you wanted.  There was also a flat screen that they set up so you could watch the game if you got bored.  Lastly, there was what I call a “street graffiti wall.”  They allowed you to edit pictures and put anything you wanted on this wall.

This event was filled with a lot of fun and exciting new things for all the students, new and old.  Everyone was talking about how excited they were about the laptop cases and being able to have any picture that you wanted on there.

Some people got their pictures from Facebook or other internet sites.

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