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Easter Break Flies By

Michelle Marrara, Wrtiter

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As students start to feel the school year slowly starting to wind down, we are all granted a few days off from the stressful days inside the classrooms to go about festive activities for Easter break.  Many people take this time to relax and take a break from everything else going on around them. That is if you aren’t boggled down with homework or an athlete trying to stay in shape or just busy with working and dealing with hectic schedules in general, which narrows that down to about zero students, that I know of at least.

Even though we are all dealing with the hardships of staying on top of all of our responsibilities, we normally can still make the time to enjoy ourselves.  Easter break may not be a long time away from school, but some people still get to do really exciting things.

Two freshmen, Alanna Paget and Mary Kirkman, got to experience Easter at Myrtle Beach, SC.  They stayed with Mary’s grandparents and took the sun in, taking advantage of every minute they could while they were on the beach.  After two long days of eating good food and soaking up the sun, they were definitely not ready to come back to school.

Another freshmen, Alex Twomly, also had a very exciting Easter break when she got to go home to San Diego, CA to visit her friends and family.  “I went camping with my friends, which was really great because I haven’t seen them in so long,” said Twombly. “It was great to be back at my own house, so far away from everything else I have to worry about. I definitely was not ready to come back.”

Although many students got to go on exciting trips for the short break, a lot were stuck here at Catawba due to sports or just because they couldn’t go home.  In the end though, a break is a break, and it seemed like we all really needed that one.

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Easter Break Flies By