Unpacking and Moving On

Tracy Ratliff

Hannah Davis, Writer

As summer finally begins to wind to an end, and classes pick up with a brisk pace, a tough transition ensues for all students. Of course, those experiencing the toughest transition are the freshmen.

So far for the freshmen class of 2017, each and every person’s experience has been unique. For instance, Madison Skeim views her experience of college so far as a foundation in independence, and has found it very simple supporting herself on her own. On the other hand, Kris Ewanuik has spent his time making connections and “trying to fit in to as many friend circles as possible.” He believes that meeting a lot of people and making these connections will help him later on in life.

Although everyone’s experiences have been different, common complaints that can be heard throughout the Woodson halls, and amongst all freshmen this year, were the extremely stressful class registration process and the much more rigorous homework. On the other hand, one common compliment is that, in the words of Max Williams, “everyone is rather lovely here.”

One key idea that we all need to think about during this strange transition is what exactly we want out of our college experience. As many freshman learned from the freshman retreat, “College is what you make it.”

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