Catawba College Writing Center: Meet the Tutors

Darby Reedy, Editor

Catawba College offers a variety of services to its students throughout the academic year. The Writing Center is one of those many services. Located in room 211 in the Hedrick Administration Building for afternoon appointments and in study room #5 in the Corriher-Linn-Black Library for evening appointments, the Writing Center offers free tutoring to Catawba College students. The Writing Center is fully staffed by Catawba College students who have been specially trained to help their peers with writing assignments.

Meet the Catawba College Writing Center tutors for the 2013-2014 school year below:

Lizzie White

Year: Senior
Major: Chemistry
Minors: Biology and Math
My favorite part about being a writing center tutor is watching concepts “click” with tutees. It’s so gratifying when students say how much the session helped. I love getting the same students back week after week knowing I am helping them become more confident in their writing.


Olivia Albertson

Year: Senior
Major: Music Business and Popular Music
I became a writing center tutor because I love helping my peers and I love the look students get when they finally understand a concept they didn’t get before.


Darby Reedy

Year: Junior
Minors: Communication Arts and Business Administration
I believe that people should utilize the writing center as much as possible because it is a great opportunity to expand your horizons in writing. Whether you believe that you are a great writer or maybe you don’t think you’re the best writer–the writing center is there to help you take that extra step and become a better writer as well as make better grades on your assignments.


Gregory Alexander

Year: Junior
Major: Writing and Religion & Philosophy
My favorite part about being a writing center tutor is the opportunity to help fellow students find the fun in writing. 


Michelle Newberger

Year: Junior
Major: Elementary Education
 Minor: Theater
I think students should visit the Writing Center because it gives students the opportunity to work on their writing skills.  It can also help promote confidence in the work that you have to turn in for classes.


Josh Hill

Year: Sophomore
Economics & Finance
My favorite part about being a writing center tutor is having students come for multiple sessions and seeing them grow and develop as writers between these sessions.


Olivia Williams

Year: Sophomore
 Major: Psychology
 My favorite part about being a writing center tutor is when a student walks away from a session feeling confident about their writing.



Catawba students can visit the Writing Center’s online appointment book to schedule an appointment.

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