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Cookies Around the World

Kristi Leonard

Kristi Leonard, Writer

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Every year about this time, SNCAE hosts a Cookies Around the World event. Well this event comes but once a year and this year officers, Kristi Leonard, Michelle Newberger, Paige Smart, Erika Spach, Karina Hernandez, and countless others took the liberty of baking these cookies.

Upon arrival in the student center on Thursday November 14, students came to enjoy these free delectable cookies. This year to support students from different countries, SNCAE enlisted the help of the Diversity Club here on campus. With great help and long evenings planning cookie recipes, they finally decided on cookies native to eleven different countries, that represented international students attending Catawba.

German Old Honey cookies, Serbian Butter cookies, Lithuanian Poppyseed cookies, Swedish Angel Crisps, New Zealand Kiwi Biscuits, Brazilian Coffee Cookies, Zimbabwe Sweet Potato cookies, Belgian Spice cookies, French Christmas cookies, United States Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies, and Canadian Molasses cookies.

Each cookie had great success by some, and others not so much. The event started at 11am, right at the beginning of the lunch rush. As soon as people noticed we were giving away cookies (FREE COOKIES) and all they had to do was vote for their favorite, people began lining up. Once the line began to form, students began chatting about which cookie was the best.

The cookies varied on who liked what. With a stamp of approval from three students from the country represented, Belgium, Serbia, and Canada were all given a stamp of approval. “Tastes just like my mom’s,” stated a student from Belgium. Alex Fulton said “The Canadian Molasses cookies remind me of home, they are good!”

Students from many different places came to try the cookies, Paige Smart stated “I love the Sweet Potato cookies, they taste like doughnuts,” and also another student added “they really tasted like Girl Scout cookies.” This cookie was the most popular winning tons of votes.

Barely in second place were the Belgian Spice Cookies, and tied for third were United States Big Fat Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies, and the French Christmas cookies. Each cookie had its own uniqueness, bursting full of flavor with every bite. By noon, nearly 500 cookies were completely gone. Students enjoyed the cookies, and gathered around to talk about which one was the best with some having difficulty choosing just one.

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Cookies Around the World