Black Lake Retreat Center Service Project

Hannah Davis

The finished product

Hannah Davis, Writer

Members of Dr. Clapp’s first year seminar class, “The answer to life’s really big questions,” went to the Black Lake Retreat Center this past weekend to complete their service project requirement for the class. The Retreat Center is owned by Catawba College and consists of over 300 acres of land. It is located in Asheboro, North Carolina and was built as an area for spiritual renewal retreats for the students, hosted by the Lily Center for Vocation and Values.

This service project consisted of building an arbor near the lake. This beautiful square platform design, coupled with its close proximity to the lake makes this arch one of the most stunning eye-catchers at the retreat center, apart from that nature. Dr. Clapp, the leader of the project and of the center, hopes that this arbor will be used for special events, such as weddings, that take place at the Retreat Center.

During this service project, students learned the importance of patience and teamwork. Some students were cutting the wood while others nailed planks into place. Since there was a lack of tools, the team rotated jobs often so that no one would feel tired. The project was a great success, despite some unexpected challenges. In general, it was an amazing way for the class to wrap up the semester.

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