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Last Monday, February 17th 2014, a women’s panel came together with Catawba College’s female students and employees in the Tom Smith Auditorium to speak about success during and after college. Leading this discussion was Darlene Ball, a Catawba graduate and the current chair of Catawba’s Board of Trustees. Ball made everyone in the audience at ease with her smiling face and witty introductions. The other women on the panel were Karen Alexander, Karen Gaskill, Rori Godsey, Kyna Grubb, Jolene Henning, Abby Kerr, and Mona Lisa Wallace. Each of these ladies had her own tie with Catawba, many of them being members of the Board of Trustees and alumni.

Some of the topics discussed were equality in the workplace, and balance of one’s work, home, and self. Mona Lisa Wallace, a lawyer and a member of the Board of Trustees, started off telling stories of her own experience as a female lawyer and partner.  She stressed how important it is to be determined and hardworking in professions that are male-dominated. Dr. Jolene Henning, a Catawba graduate, spoke on balance and also told tales from her personal bank of experience. She explained that it is important to understand that at some points in one’s life home might be more important than work or vice versa, but it is always a good thing to make room for self.

At the end of the event there were door prizes to be given out, including two $100 gift certificates to Belk meant to be spent on professional clothing. More important than the prizes were the life tips Catawba College’s women were able to take away that evening, and the networking they were able to do beforehand. The college hopes this event will become an annual one.

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What You Need to Know to Succeed