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Staying Healthy

William Spencer, Writer

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We all know that winter weather has its ups and downs and for college students, the downside to lower temperatures means an increased chance of becoming ill. Students should be mindful to practice proper hygiene throughout the entire year but especially so during the colder seasons. To ensure that you are protected from the germs floating about campus and that you yourself are not spreading them, here are a few tips that will help you stay away from a few unexpected vacations during the school week:

Tip #1: Make sure you wash your hands! Every time you wash your hands you are getting rid of harmful bacteria that could not only infect you but your classmates as well. Washing hands both thoroughly and frequently does not always guarantee that you will remain healthy but it will give you a fighting chance against the cold and flu germs you may come into contact with.

Tip #2: Cover your mouth! Airborne contamination is just another way for a student to get sick on campus so to help regulate the amount of germs that could be hazardous, please be sure to cover your mouth to avoid spreading them. Whenever you feel a sneeze or a cough coming remember that you can block the spread of illness by simply lifting your sleeve to your mouth to create a barrier so that the germs do not fly into the air.

Tip #3: Stay warm! Be sure that during times of decreased temperature that you bundle up well. Maintaining warmth while outside in the cold will help you avoid a possible infection. Some items to consider using would be a light or thick jacket (depending on the temperature), gloves, scarves, warm shoes or boots, and a little pack of Kleenex (just to be on the safe side).

Tip #4: Be careful who you come into contact with! Hanging out with friends is fun but if they are sick then you run the chance of getting infected by them. Be sure that if you are around someone who may be ill that you give them as much space as possible and avoid contact with them. It’s okay to be nice but be aware of your contact with them.

Tip #5: Visit the health center! Catawba College offers medical services to all of their students and one of those services is a check up. Yes, you do have to pay and you do have to get your throat swabbed but they are small prices to pay to ensure that you stay happy and healthy during this wintery weather.

Stay healthy Catawba!

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Staying Healthy