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StressFest 2014

Courtney Briscoe

Courtney Briscoe, Writer

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StressFest 2014 was held in the Student Center around lunchtime last week at Catawba College. Students could enjoy stress relieving activities such as drinking calming tea and inhaling “flavored air” at an oxygen bar. They could also score freebies like cookies, homemade soap, and stress balls shaped like tea cups.

The most popular table at the event was one where you could decorate your own tea cup with colored paint pens. There were so many people gathered around that some had to stand while painting. Some chose to paint their own monograms, a trend seen around campus, while others recreated famous paintings, like one individual who painted a simplistic version of Van Gogh’s Starry Night. Many who missed the event and saw their friends’ painted cups said they hoped to get the chance to do it next year.

Some of the activities, like the oxygen bar, are offered at other events throughout the year, so it is hoped that the same can be said for some of the other particularly enjoyed events.

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StressFest 2014