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Diversity Week: Catawba College Spreads Awareness of Cultures

Uriah Futch

The poster for last week's Diversity Week events.

Darby Reedy, Editor

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Last week, Catawba College’s Diversity Club sponsored Diversity Week. Taking place in the Cannon Student Center in the evening throughout the week, the Club provided a plethora of fun and informational activities to promote diversity and acceptance within and outside the college setting. President Jay Koontz sent out reminders daily telling of the exciting events and exhibits that would be featured daily. Every day provided something new and interesting.

On Monday, South American countries were featured. There were four exhibits and Colombian hor d’oeuvres were provided courtesy of Chartwells Dining.

Tuesday presented a race literacy quiz for students to take as well as a “Guess the Countries” game that students could participate in. Egypt, Madagascar, and Zimbabwe exhibits were also present for the African themed night. Sudan Rowan was also present with a table at the event. Jay Koontz, president of the Diversity Club, noted that the success of these events were in part due to several club members bringing up their own ideas. “Club member Lauren Stacks came up with the idea and then demonstrated divination tonight and will demonstrate calligraphy on Thursday,” Koontz said, telling of the involvement of the members in the planning and executing of the events.

The Diversity Club showed true diversity as the Spanish Club helped them on Wednesday by providing an exhibit filled with hot chocolate and churros for students to enjoy as they browsed the four exhibits from different countries in Europe.

Finally, Diversity Week concluded on Thursday with Asian displays and Chinese appetizers, again provided by Chartwells. The Diversity Club again banded together with another group. This time they collaborated with the SNCAE and their Cookies Around the World annual event. Normally the Cookies event is held separately, but this year the two clubs worked together to make two separate ideas work together and bring more fun to both events. The Catawba Historical Society also helped make the final night a success with their showing of the Lost Boys of Sudan movie and conversation with true lost boy, Ngor Kur Mayol.

Overall, the event week was extremely successful and many students, including those in the Diversity Club enjoyed the experience. Koontz said of the event, “With last week’s events, I hope to have started a conversation that will not stop.”

Students of Catawba College can look forward to another Diversity Club event next semester. Koontz previewed the event saying that it will take place during February, black history month, under the name “The Diversity Project.” Stay tuned for that and many other exciting things from Catawba’s very own Diversity Club!

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Diversity Week: Catawba College Spreads Awareness of Cultures