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Snow Days at Catawba College

Eli Wittum

Courtney Briscoe, Writer

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The phrase “snow day” has different meanings for different people, and Catawba College had three snow days in a row last week. Some saw it as a chance to let loose, and others decided to enjoy their five-day weekend indoors.

There were many snowmen to be seen around campus last week—including some that resembled the beloved snowman, Olaf, from Disney’s Frozen. There were some students who went in another direction with their snow creations; a snow shark could be seen circling Hurley residence hall, and a group got together in front of Crystal Peeler Lounge and made an (unfinished) snow fort. The boys of Heath Hill residence hall went all out and used trashcans filled with snow to make a sandcastle-like fort, inside which they placed a fire pit to sit around. Others kept it simple and made snow angels, or wrote their names in the snow. Some even made their own snow cream to enjoy.

President Brian Lewis could be seen out and about in the snow last week, posing in a picture with a snowman built by Catawba College students and filming part of the epic snowball fight that took place across campus. Some students skipped the snowball fight and took on sledding in the preserve and near the gym. There was one group of students that could be seen driving past Hollifield residence hall with a sled hooked to the back of the vehicle so a person could ride on it. This probably was not the safest way to do things, but it was entertaining to watch. One student, a commuter named Daniel Mowery, walked from his home to campus two days in a row just so he could play in the snow with his resident friends and avoid the bad road conditions. The trip took him an hour through the falling snow, but it was worth it.

Not everything that comes along with a snow day is positive, however. Some snowballs turned into ice during the evening, so more than one window ended up shattered. Resident assistants had to be more cautious while doing rounds so they did not slip on the ice. Many students had to postpone Valentine’s Day plans because of road conditions, as well. The worst part of having a surprise five-day weekend, perhaps, is trying to get back into “school mode” when classes resume, and then making up for lost time. It sure was fun while it lasted, but now it is time to get back to work until Spring Break next month.

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Snow Days at Catawba College