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Tailgating Tips 101

Kristi Leonard, Writer

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There are many successful ways to tailgate; I am sure each person has a certain thought or idea about tailgating, but there are some important tips to remember.

To start off a tailgate, especially as a college student, assure that you have everything planned out.  Planning out includes:

1.  Make sure to decide what you are going to eat (whether or not it is a daytime game or night game may alter your choice). However, planning to grill something like hotdogs or hamburgers is a good start to the planning process especially if you’re not a skilled griller.

2. Importantly, assure that if you are grilling you need to bring the grill and grill tools!

3. Another important thing is, you need snacks for people to “chomp” on while you are grillin. Chips and dips are an all time favorite and (of course) any type of cookies.

4. Next remember to bring various kinds of drinks you may want. Make sure there is a variety for everyone to choose from.

5. Be sure you bring some fun and games to play while tailgating, including cornholes, Frisbee toss, or even ladder ball (all great ways to keep the fun going before the game)!

6. Lastly, the success for a tailgate is to dress appropriately. If it is chilly outside, be sure that you plan accordingly. You know you will be outside and just standing around. Layers are a great idea for this time of year, and  hoodies and gloves are all essentials.

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Tailgating Tips 101