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A Horror Movie Worth Seeing: Insidious

Movie Review: Insidious

If you want to see a horror movie that does more than gross you out, then look no further!

Our Rating: 8.5 stars

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Brandi Cockerham, Writer

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On April 1st, FilmDistrict’s new horror film, Insidious, opened in theaters across the country.  One of the co-directors of the popular Saw series directed this movie and on it’s opening weekend Insidious rated 3rd in terms of gross income.

Always in search of a thrill, I went to see the movie the second week it was out. Going to see the movie on a Tuesday did have one benefit for sure because the ticket cost $5 at the local movie theater. However, seeing the movie on Tuesday did have one drawback. Other than my boyfriend and I, there was only one other couple in the entire theater and, needless to say, it added to the spooky factor.

The movie itself is the story of a family and how they are effected by having a son who is possessed by demons. Horror movies are notorious for having over-used plots and cheesy actors, but Insidious had neither. In fact, the story line was quite interesting. The young boy being possessed was explained in the film as a “traveler.” The boy’s subconscious would run into the subconscious of others while he was dreaming, and they would try to capture him.

Insidious put a new twist on an old plot and satisfied my need for thrill and suspense. I do recommend this flick, but I do not advise watching it alone.

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A Horror Movie Worth Seeing: Insidious