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Interview with Silas Boyle

Silas Boyle

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Zandi Watts

Sean Fontaine, Writer

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I had the joy of sitting down with the phenom and fellow SR hall-mate Silas Boyle Thursday and got some insight into the freshman artist. Look out for Silas Boyle on Facebook!

SF: how long have you been around music? First picked up a guitar?
SB: Ever since I could remember. I didn’t pick up guitar until I was a sophomore in high school though. I like all kinds of instruments from the piano, bass guitar, etc.
SF:Name some of your main musical influences.
SB: Beatles, Bob Marley, Bruce Springsteen, just to name a few.
SF:got any hobbies or other interests worth mentioning?
SB: I actually came to swim for Catawba but commitments to music came first. I’m an avid automobile fan. I like vintage cars, I’m a vintage kind of guy.
SF: Favorite book(s) ?
SB: definitely Catcher in the Rye and Fight Club.
SF: So how’s the school year going for you? Got any current projects in the works?
SB: It’s going pretty well. I have an EP in the works set for release in the summer.
SF: how many tracks?
SB: A 5-track piece. 4 tracks have been recorded so far.
SF: Have you decided on a title?
SB: Not yet but it will come to me.
SF: So where to next? Career plans? Hoping to make it big?
SB: I love the music industry and want to be involved in it somehow.
SF: Thank you

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Interview with Silas Boyle