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Go Go “Go Burrito”

Rebecca Rider

Rebecca Rider, Writer

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Hungry for a burrito? A few months ago, Salisbury’s options for this Mexican meal were limited to Taco Bell. Luckily for those reluctant to brave a fast-food menu, last month a burrito bar opened on West Fisher street: Go Burrito.

Channeling the feel of a West Coast taco joint, Go Burrito is a have-it-your-way-Subway, burrito style. Customers are able to choose from a wide variety of ingredients that allow them to mix and match their meat, rice, and toppings. In addition to chicken and steak, there is also a vegetarian option, featuring quinoa as a meat substitute, along with a large selection of all things green and growing.

All of the ingredients are fresh, even if some of the options are a little off the wall—though some might like black olives on their burrito. Before paying for a truly enormous burrito, you can choose to leave it as is, or to get it “wet”–covered in queso or salsa. Either option is a great compliment to all of that meat, rice, and beans—because no matter how hard you try, you’re going to end up eating this burrito mixed up, and with a fork—it’s that big. Every bite is delicious, if perhaps a bit on the dry side—another reason to get it covered in queso. If you get the chicken burrito, remember to watch out for gristle. Despite these small drawbacks, the burritos really are good, and decently priced for the amount of food you’re getting.

In addition to a burrito, corn chips are a side option, and they go well with the multitude of salsas offered at the Salsa bar—everything from salsa verde to peach salsa. Go Burrito also offers fountain and bottled drinks, but no sweet tea. They also don’t serve anything besides burritos—unless you get a kid’s quesadilla meal. However, both options are coming soon, and the menu board promises that tacos are on the way as well.

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Go Go “Go Burrito”