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Own the Mic: Allijah Motika

Photo by: Allijah Motika, Design by: Rashad Brown

Rashad Brown, A&E Editor

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Eclectic could best be used to sum up singer/songwriter Allijah Motika. While only in his sophomore year of school at Catawba College, he has surely made a name for himself with his artistic talents. He has showcased these talents not only for the Popular Music/Music Business Department Vernacular ensembles, but also in the campus choral groups, as well as individually as a solo artist.

From Asheville, NC, Allijah grew up surrounded by music. “My parents are both really musical, they both sing. And, my father writes songs.” He then went on to say, “Ever since I can remember, I have been singing, drumming, or something like that.”

It was his upbringing that led Allijah to not only learn guitar but the keys and drums as well. He now uses his talents to craft his own blend of folk-rock with slight touches of blues accenting each piece of music. With a sound that can be compared to artists such as Ray Lamontagne, Allijah entertains crowds with his unique arrangements of familiar and original songs. He described how his musical style is constantly in a state of evolution due to the influence and exposure to other styles and genres on campus.

The varying influence can be heard in his latest music. “It’s Mornin” is a song that can be first interpreted as a folk song but suddenly transforms into a soft rock power-ballad. Allijah prides himself on creating songs that people from all backgrounds can relate to.

As a performer, he does a great job at pulling the audience into the music he presents. When asked to compare who he was as a performer as opposed to who he is in everyday life, he stated, “I don’t think there is a whole lot of difference from how I act on stage to how I act normally. I still think I am really personable. I still like to include the audience. But I am always up there to entertain.”

Allijah then expressed his goals for his artistry. “There’s a lot I want to do as an artist. To get out there and have people hear me. And, then the other side of music [he wants to learn] is I want to be able to also record other peoples’ tracks and gain that knowledge.”

He told of his motto: “Be undeniably awesome” [when performing his material to his audiences]. He stated that “having confidence, getting up there and there’s no denying that you belong up on stage in front of people” is what he believes truly owning the mic is.

And, it’s that motto that will act as the driving force behind his success. He is a unique, eclectic artist who crafts his artistry from the influences surrounding him, and he Owns the Mic.

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Own the Mic: Allijah Motika