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Delphi Drop In

Hannah Thomas

Erin Kidd, Writer

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The Delphinian Society held its annual Delphi Drop In homecoming event on Sunday October 10. Rolling right along with the spirit of alumni “coming home” for the weekend, the Drop In was a chance for past members of the Delphinian Society to meet and mingle with current members.

The Drop In began at 10:00 am and was held in the Whitener Room. The girls enjoyed some tasty refreshments while sharing conversation and getting to know one another. The alumni members that attended the event took turns introducing themselves and sharing what they had been doing since they graduated from Catawba. The new members also shared what year in school they were and their majors.

It was bittersweet for the girls who had graduated to come back and visit. The memories they made with their “sisters’ while attending Catawba College can never be replaced. However, the alumni still considered themselves members of the society. Jen Trout, who was president of the society last year said, “Once a Delphinian girl, always a Delphinian girl; I will always be a member.”

The members of this society are sisters for life.

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